• mysteriously in love

mysteriously in love

An insanely infectious melody melts together with a multitude of drum machines, stealthy guitar and a synth theme that’ll make Kraftwerk-fans drool for more. Add quirky lyrical master strokes and you have “mysteriously in love”, the first single of the PRE-Be-UN full length entitled clean spasms (released on August 19, 2013).

PRE-Be-UN is the solo project of the Danish-Argentine Nicolai Kleinerman Koch who’ve played keyboards in bands like Oh No Ono, Choir of Young Believers and Boom Clap Bachelors. As PRE-Be-UN Nicolai unfolds himself as an ambitious frontman in his own peculiar way embracing the counterpoints of his musical past - from hiphop to complex psyckrock - and most things in between too. PRE-Be-UN manages to give space for it all in an impressive and homogenic hybrid of genres.

PRE-Be-UN is musical playfulness and a melodic focus that features both a tight electronic universe, an abstract artistic approach and the particularities of Nicolaj Kleinermann Koch’s vocals; a polychrome whole with an unfamiliar edginess.