• Nebula


“Nebula” opens with a string-section playing a short but overwhelmingly beautiful intro that suddenly warps into a minimalist groove governed by the heartbeats of the bass drum and a calm and steady guitar. While the melody is instrumental it still has a talking feel to it, sounding almost like a computer telling a sad memory. As the theme builds, more and more layers are added to the arrangement before the song morphs into the final part where haunting harmonies and rising dynamics sustain and increase the tension even further. And then it’s suddenly all over and we, the listeners, float into outer space.

“Nebula is a theme for the future. To me it’s a dream of floating in infinite darkness - somewhere between a space odyssey and a fever dream, both heavy and weightless. When I close my eyes I see images from Stanley Kubrick’s A Space Odyssey and Tarkovsky’s Solaris. Both of which are among my all-time favourite soundtracks” says August.

"Nebula" is the first single from August Rosenbaum's album Vista.