• No Word for the Word

No Word for the Word

Imagine the ghost of Nirvana unplugged flowing through the rain-drenched cobblestone streets of old Copenhagen and you’re somewhat prepared for Chorus Grant’s new single “No Word For The Word”.

Equally fragile and strong, cinematic and real the song makes an effort to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange through minimalistic repetitiveness reminiscent of nursery rhymes and lullabies.

The lyrics deal with breaking the bubble from the inside, getting out of your head and into your body by acknowledging that not all things should be picked apart and investigated on an intellectual level. 

While painted in colors from a seventies sit-com the song echoes the tender acoustic moments of Damon Albarn and the afro-pop momentum of Talking Heads. The authentic acoustic approach to production veils the power chord construction that in Chorus Grant’s soundscape is an oddity. 

This is an alternative folk song that in more ways than one encourages the listener to sit back and enjoy the bumpy ride.