• Ocean Shell

Ocean Shell

“Ocean Shell” opens with this feeling of loving gravity, portrayed by warm, cyclical and melancholy piano. Salomon’s high, fluttering voice dances impressionistic figures around the moody backdrop. This organic starting place eventually gives way to endlessly-growing, overwhelming synthesizers, punctuating the song’s already-emotional tenor with the sense that the artist could burst out in tears at any second.

Ocean Shell is about someone dear to me. Throughout my life, I’ve found it impossible to grasp how her illness affects her—if it makes her unhappy, or if it simply makes her her. It is something that defines her deeply; gives her a sense of fragility that is present in everything."

Her fragility is a beautiful thing to me, but the sadness and the sorrow that’s felt in her every song, her every carefully tended rose and her every brushstroke is the hardest thing in the world for me to bear.