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Only Space and Time Can Tell How to Breathe in an Ocean Shell

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What are now entering the world as songs, however, began as something else: “They didn’t start out as songs—just text—just notes from my brain to a piece of paper because it felt like a therapeutic thing to do—a personal confession. It was a good thing that I didn’t know what was imminent—that one day people would hear my thoughts—because I probably wouldn’t have been so honest in them.

Annsofie Salomon’s wavering, dancing vocals evoke feelings of vulnerability, but at the same time levity and healing, reflecting the path of her own personal journey. It's a journey that has included recurring hardship—years of artistic ambition culminating in nothing, amidst personal and mental health struggles—so it’s fitting when Salomon describes the message of the EP: “For whatever reason, you may find yourself desolated or drowning.

But like her songs, which transform from vulnerable to grand and beautiful, for Annsofie Salomon, the title of her EP is more a message of hope: “For me, the title says to trust that time and space will show you how to breathe even when it is impossible.

The EP was made with financial support from KODA Kultur and MPO.