• Race for Caress

Race for Caress

School of X sings about chasing, and being chased by love. Upbeat yet laid-back, late summer vibes are oozing from this third single from School of X’s sophomore album, Dancing Through The Void (Sept. 24, 2021) 

“I wanted to make a song that holds you in a tight grip lyrically... an iron grip” says Littauer. “The song is about how love hunts you down, no matter how much you fuck up or try to strangle it. It’s about longing for love and acceptance of who you are, and chasing it for your whole life... it’s such a universal need that we all need fulfilled.”

With a loose, laid-back vocal delivery, Littauer recounts the ups and downs of his search for love and acceptance; the fights, the drama and the moments of feeling like someone new. But despite this rollercoaster of emotions, at the end of each chorus he sings “It’s a race for caress / It’s a lifelong mess / Take me to the party now”, as if to say: let’s move past the drama and just have a good time.

Littauer transmits an aura of coolness in “Race For Caress”, turning drama into simple positivity. This goal is also reflected in the song’s arrangement: “The instrumentation is as simple as it gets: drums, bass and guitar” he says.