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Cancer is a duo consisting of When Saints Go Machine lead singer and producer Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild and Chorus Grant lead singer and guitarist Kristian Finne Kristensen. Ragazzi is was first record by Cancer.

Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild is known for his distinctive, beautiful and soulful vocals from Danish electronic outfit When Saints Go Machine. Kristian Finne Kristensen is known for his warm vocals and analogue sound from guitars, bass and drums in Chorus Grant. With Cancer both musicians show yet another side of their talent.

The songs on Ragazzi are both radical and beautiful future ballads oozing with presence, a restless calm and out-of-this-world melodiousness which cuts through the gamut of emotions with a deeply melancholic undercurrent.

Ragazzi consists of 6 songs lasting well over 30 minutes. Nis Bysted, who has also worked with bands like, Iceage, Choir of Young Believers & his own band Thulebasen, produced the record alongside Nikolaj & Kristian.

The richness of sound found in Ragazzi arises from the energy and subtle ferocity created in recording live instruments, as well as a great wealth of detail and poetic meticulousness in the lyrics. Nikolaj & Kristian have written 6 songs that lyrically take place in the mind’s peripheral areas; where everything is at stake. The phonetics of the lyrics have shaped the music just as much as the other way around.