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"RCEL" was the first single from FCAN's debut album RPEX

The album is a so-called visual album with a visual side of the entire record: with the album came a software-based media player to play the album through.

FCAN's music is electronic-based, extremely dancable and highly intoxicating housy music. 

In FCAN's own words:

“FCAN is a “MIND_SPACE_TRIGGER”. It works like a drug. When listening to FCAN the feeling of being in an undiscovered ‘space’ of consciousness can be triggered. The thing about drugs is that they are only shortcuts to state of minds or ways of understanding life that are already in us. If we take ecstasy many people think that the experience is in the pill. It is not. The drug is made of chemicals that activate a feeling already in us. In other words it is actually cheating to use chemicals instead of finding other ways of activating these emotions in us.”

The video was created by Oh No Ono's Malthe Fischer and the media player was developed by Tambourhinoceros co-founder Kristoffer Rom.