• Stoned (Yoke Lore Remix)

Stoned (Yoke Lore Remix)

Yoke Lore has remixed Danish duo Blondage’s piercing pop hymn "Stoned". 

"This is my first remix. I thought about it like rearranging the mosaic of a Seurat or a Renoir. All these little highly disparate elements that come together to communicate an idea or a feeling can be used in any order because of the intention with which they were placed and used. Strong and simple ideas or feelings can’t be separated from their purpose. ‘Stoned’ is strong and simple. I hope the remix only reinforces it." - Adrian Galvin / Yoke Lore

"Yoke Lore has put together such a cool take on “Stoned” full of playful twists and a warm, organic feel that really emphasises the melody of the chorus. There are so many crisp details in the drums and the instrumental throughout the entire track. We love how the verse builds up repetitively followed by the big release of the chorus. It's dope." - Esben Nørskov Andersen of Blondage.