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    Sometimes dreamy, sometimes funky, sometimes disco-infused, but always genuine, Lucky Lo’s sensitive yet powerful debut album is an exercise in transforming trauma into triumph through positive thinking.

    Lost at Sea

    Swedish indie-pop singer-songwriter Lucky Lo moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014, but struggled to define her sound and find her place in the local music scene. An avid student of Japanese culture and language, she took to Japan in search of a place to belong, testing it out as a potential move. It was on her way back to Copenhagen that the course of her life changed.

    Leaving Japan, Lo met her father and partner in South Africa to sail across the Atlantic. In the middle of the trip, their mast broke in harsh weather, days from shore and with no other option than to continue on for 21 days to Brazil. Though traumatic, the experience of being at the mercy of the sea was also deeply beautiful for Lo, and sparked a new outlook on life.

    Positive Thinking Mantra Music

    As a child, Lo had been taught about the power of positive thinking, so in the wake of the sailing trip, she started writing mantras to cope with the trauma of the experience. But what began as a coping mechanism soon expanded into every corner of her life and became a thriving mechanism. From start to finish, Supercarry is packed with many such positive messages and mantra-like refrains.

    For example, the song “Heart Rhythm Synchronize” includes the repeating lyric “always say how you feel”, a mantra Lo wrote to remind herself of how to heal ailing relationships. “I will supercarry you”, Lo repeats in “Supercarry”, about how helping others is the same as self-love. “We have to live even more / We have to give even more” she repeats in “Sunrise/Sunset”, remembering to draw inspiration from her late friend. “Receiving / giving love” she repeats in “Receiving/Giving” as a reminder to support loved ones, as well as to let them support her.
    Every song is a snapshot of a vulnerable moment in Lo’s life—relationship troubles (such as in “Heart Rhythm Synchronize”), her first same-sex kisses (such as in “Fruits in the Ocean”), or the passing of a close friend (such as in “Sunrise/Sunset”)—that previously felt too intimate to expose in song, but that now felt necessary to sing about. Not just for herself, but for others too.

    “I want to write lyrics with a repetitive mantra so people get the urge to sing along, and go home with a positive message in their head. It’s like an empowering brainwash” says Lo.

    Lucky Lo’s songwriting craft is on display on Supercarry, as she effortlessly skips between classic and unexpected, serious and playful, inviting and challenging, direct and elusive. And Lucky Lo’s heartwarming indie-pop lays the backdrop for her rich voice to tell those positive stories… for her to Supercarry you. 

    Finding her Place

    Now, Lucky Lo has found her sound and found her place in the local music scene. Supercarry is recorded by Søren Buhl Lassen and Pape Arce, produced by Lassen, Lo, and her band, Asger Nordtorp Pedersen (bass), Mads Nørgaard (guitar) and Casper Henning Hansen (drums), and mastered by Palace Winter’s Caspar Hesselager.