• The Glow

The Glow

'The Glow' is the first single from Bastian Kallesøe's solo project The New Spring. The song is taken from the self-titled debut album from 2011 portraying a poetic and musical study of love in its many forms; from songs about daring love to songs about a protester’s love for the rights they’re fighting for. The single 'The Glow' is Bastian’s attempt to write a radio friendly song, combining his vulnerable voice with his characteristic way of playing guitar.

”The song is the most excited and dance friendly track on the album. But it is still melancholic. It was the last song I wrote for the record, and it was written at night while my friends were sleeping on the floor around me. The song was kind of necessary to include on the album as it is a concentrate of the process I went through. The song postulates being happy, but its duplicity cannot be concealed. Maybe that was why I could not sleep during the week we recorded”.

This song would come to define the sound of The New Spring.