• Top of the Hill

Top of the Hill

Palace Winter’s lead single from their 3rd album …Keep Dreaming, Buddy is a bright, powerful intro, encapsulating life’s overwhelming moments.

“Top of the Hill” is Palace Winter’s powerful embrace of both the ups and downs of life; the view from the top, and the long way there is to fall. Finally, this dualism is present in Coleman’s and Hesselager’s distant yet paralleled search for inspiration in unexplored territory.

This kind of dualism is not new for Palace Winter, who often juxtapose melancholy and joy in their driving yet dreamy music. An unmissable, forward-looking optimism shades their previous two albums, despite touching on grave themes of death, grief, and trauma. What is new, however, is not just optimism, but celebration in the face of uncertainty, and the sonic idiosyncrasy this contrast creates. “We embrace some craziness and mania in a way we haven’t before” says Hesselager