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Vanilla Shell

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On Vanilla Shell Molina weaves layered vocals, strings, flute, fretless bass into her synthetic universe characterized by inventive song structures, catchy melodies, and a brooding production. Always crafting striking visuals to accompany her music, Molina instinctive approach to her art shines through in every aspect of her work. 

On the 6-track EP Molina tells stories about personal liberation and freedom, fast food addiction, the double-sided nature of symbiotic love, and aspects of youth — always from a particular point of view that’s uniquely Molina’s. 

Molina is both a confident and sensitive artist, a self-relying and self-made songwriter that began writing her own music at the early age of 8 inspired by the music her mom played for her, including artists like Kate Bush, David Bowie and Röyksopp.

Later in her teens Molina got her music education from searching the deep corners of the internet and by following the trail of like minded bands and artists. Soon Molina found herself obsessed with both the new wave and punk bands of the 70s and 80s, the shoegaze and dark wave scenes and electronic pioneers like Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin and Cocteau Twins.