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White Lion

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HÔN is a remarkable artist that challenges the conventions of pop music and serves an abundance of insanely catchy songs on the debut album White Lion. It’s an album that elegantly combines the songwriting-virtues of classic pop with an indie musician's awkwardly charming take on R&B, dance and 80s melancholy.

The epicenter of HÔN is Jesper Lidang, frontman and songwriter of The Rumour Said Fire.

“Honeydream is slick but contemporary, raw but eloquent” Glamcult

The music has been written over the past two years. Jesper's longtime fascination with vintage drum machines and hip-hop beats is one of the cornerstones in the songwriting that’s also characterized by multiple layers of Jesper's vocals used as an musical instrument, while his distinctive lead vocals guides the listener through the melodic cut-up universe and its striking synth productions.

“There are shades of 80s synth pop in here, alongside rather more modern artists such as Chairlift.” Clash Music

All songs are preformed recorded and sung by Jesper Lidang alone. Nis Bysted (producer of Iceage, Cancer, Lower) has produced and mixed HÔN together with Jesper.