• Write My Name

Write My Name

On "Write My Name", School of X aka Rasmus Littauer’s skills as an multi-instrumentalist is apparent in his impeccable vocals, the beautiful bass lines and, as always, solid and playful drumming flanked by evocative synth surfaces – all performed by Rasmus Littauer. "Write My Name" is the Destiny-EP's second-to-last cut, and a song that in many ways can be interpreted as the entire EP's conclusion in its acceptance of the choice made in the title song "Destiny". In "Write My Name" any doubts are left behind and live goes on.

Rasmus Littauer about the song:

“”Write My Name” is about being abandoned and over time realizing and accepting why you have to move on. The song has been almost impossible for me to finish, but it landed in a good place in the end. The musical turning point was the collaboration with Rune Risager, who played the guitars on the recording. He brought a freshness that I couldn't find myself.”