• Yes to Myself

Yes to Myself

Lucky Lo speaks out against negative and derogatory comments on playful and cheer-inducing anthem 

“It’s about reclaiming your power and believing in yourself again after hardship” Lo Erase says, who wholeheartedly sings: 

“But in the end be your very own best friend. I say yes to myself”

The song is part of a strong stream of positive mantras, which characterises Lucky Lo’s musical universe. “Yes to Myself” has a playful, intuitive and positive approach to life that manifests itself in its upbeat melody and adventurous arrangement — blending the organic sound of the shakuhachi flute with a modern pop production.

For many people, intuition — and gut feeling — is challenged over time. Life can be painful, and one’s self-esteem can suffer a serious blow, in the face of adversity and in relationships with others. One’s confidence can experience so many punches that it gets pushed into the darkness, making it difficult to gain a clear perspective. In such situations, only a faint beam of light from a small flashlight can serve as a guide through the darkness. "Yes To Myself" is Lucky Lo's key to finding the way out and becoming her own power and luminous energy.

“It’s about taking care of one’s inner core,” Lo Ersare says. Who herself has been in situations where setting boundaries was needed to regain faith in herself. “I had to realise that I am capable on my own. And above all, I had to trust myself and do the things I want with my life" explains Lo Ersare.