Cancer, photo by Simon Birk

Cancer are a duo consisting of Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild and Kristian Finne Kristensen. Nikolaj is also known as the lead singer of electronic band When Saints Go Machine and Kristian from his americana-inspired solo-career as Chorus Grant.

The name Cancer comes from personal experience. “It comes from the disease, of course,” says Nikolaj. “It’s the greatest tragedy of my life, losing one of my parents to cancer.” As Nikolaj was going through this traumatic event he met Kristian and the two started making music. He continues: “I started thinking about this vacuum that occurs when someone is ill, or someone dies, where everyone is able to speak and people are so open. There’s also a lot of beauty in all of this”. Kristian continues: “Our songs are not specifically about dark matters concerning the disease, but also the light and the love and the beauty of relationships between people. Friends, family...all of this!”


Cancer - Totem - digital packshot
Cancer - Tears - packshot



Cancer - Body on the Bones (live session)

Body on the Bones (live session)


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Cancer - photo by Simon Birk
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