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A Trio of Anniversaries

This week in Tambourhinoceros HQ we are celebrating the anniversaries of three dear records.

First is Coral Carol, the 2012 debut album from PRE-Be-UN, Nicolai Koch's (Oh No Ono, Choir of Young Believers) solo project. Released initially on a run of 50 casettes, Coral Carol now lives on digitally and remains one of the most amazing soundscapes we have ever heard.

PRE-Be-UN - Coral Carol

Released on the same day in 2012 was CTM's debut EP Variations. Also a member of Choir of Young Believers, Chimes & Bells, and many, many more groups, the prolific wonder woman Cæcilie Trier showed us the beauty of her personal musical world in her debut solo release.

CTM - Jewel

And finally, released this week in 2016, is Efterklang's monumental opera Leaves - The Colour of Falling, written in collaboration with award winning compser Karsten Fundal. "We wanted to break down the conventions of the opera as a genre" Fundal says about the genre-breaking record.


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