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Album of the month: HÔN - White Lion

Beautiful May is upon us and everything around us is blooming. It's also time for our album of the month - a series where we take the opportunity to highlight records that we’ve been fortunate enough to release and bring’em back you guys’ musical radar. This month we would like to shine a light on HÔN’s debut album White Lion from 2015.

The epicenter of HÔN is Jesper Lidang, frontman of The Rumour Said Fire. White Lion is an awesome mix of experimental synth-pop productions and classic songwriting-virtues. Lidang’s layered vocals float on top and create something pretty unique.

We’ve dropped the price for the record on our Bandcamp to just 8€ for the vinyl or your preferred digital format for 6€ - this month only. Listen to the album via the player below and Buy it here.

Enjoy the spring <3



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