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Tambourhinoceros Presents

Tambourhinoceros Presents...

Oct 13, 2021
Over the past 11 years, Tambourhinoceros has been home to many of Denmark’s beloved indie bands. Artists such as Treefight for Sunlight and CTM got their start with us, August Rosenbaum and Efterklang have passed through, and in recent years, we have released music from the likes of Molina, School of X, Cancer, and many more.

After last year’s plans for a lavish ten-year anniversary party were dashed by Covid, we are announcing a celebration of the music to be hosted at Hotel Cecil on December 10.

Buy tickets here for 80kr each

Five bands will play on the main stage and a DJ lineup will round off the music-filled night into the Hotel Cecil A.M. hours.

Tambourhinoceros artists, Annsofie Salomon, Communions and Palace Winter kick off the event announcement, with more names still to come. Annsofie Salomon released her debut EP Only Space and Time Can Tell How to Breathe in an Ocean Shell in June, Communions released their sophomore album Pure Fabrication in April, and Palace Winter released their third album ...Keep Dreaming, Buddy in October of ‘20.

Tambourhinoceros invites all to join our explosive and intimate night of celebration, RSVP here