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The Inventory of Caspar Hesselager

Sep 07, 2020
The Inventory Series is an ever-growing stockhouse of information and inspiration. An appreciation of all things creative. A place where creative professionals share resources for discovery and inspiration: the tools of creation.

This is Caspar Hesselager's Inventory:

Keith Jarrett - Sun Bear Concerts 6 CD Box Set

"Everyone that plays music has had moments where your path suddenly changes after being introduced to an artist, a song, or a piece. It’s like something just grabs you and then puts you back down some place you never knew existed. I remember feeling that way after listening to Keith Jarrett’s Sun Bear Concerts.

A monumental 6 CD box set of completely improvised hour-long pieces performed live in concert over the course of a couple of weeks in November 1976, I must have been 16-17 when I came across it, and to this day when I listen to it I find it awe-inspiring. So much of it informs and has affected my own playing, writing, the way I approach harmony, melody, form, etc.

Still, I haven’t heard anyone come close to what Keith Jarrett accomplishes alone at the piano. Whether you’re an improvising pianist, or ‘just’ a listener then, well, solo piano starts and ends here.  It’s a journey encompassing centuries of tradition and styles, ranging from the blues to modern jazz, over drone-like minimalism and lyricism to Shostakovich and beyond. One of the greatest musicians to ever walk the earth, and one I’ll never stop listening to."

Mati Klarwein (1932-2002)

"I discovered the paintings of Mati Klarwein while searching for album artwork, and was blown away by how powerful they were. They really strike something in me, and I feel a kinship to them in some way. To paint like that, you must have an open mind and must always be looking for something new.

A virtuoso surrealist and ‘disciple’ of Dali, he also made paintings for album covers, probably most famously for Miles Davis’ iconic Bitches Brew.

“I like to paint paintings I haven’t seen”, he said. A very profound yet simple statement. I feel the same about making music. Let’s hear, see, taste something new. In a way, that’s all you need to remember."

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