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Waiting for the World to Turn turns 4

Four years ago to the day, Palace Winter hit the ground (H.W.) running with their debut album Waiting for the World to Turn. We think it’s fair to say that they have been tearing it up since then. The album was a beautiful introduction to Palace Winter’s world of cinematic psych-rock with it’s lavish synths and…

Ok, in all honesty, there is something that we’re not telling you. And we can’t quite tell you yet, but it’s hard to write about Palace Winter’s debut album with such imminent news coming so soon. Let’s just say this: now would be a great time to revisit Palace Winter’s debut album… just trust us here.

Revisit Waiting for the World to Turn here and if you're in the mood, grab a physical copy from our webshop here (enter "WFTWTT" in checkout to get a 30% discount).


Palace Winter