• Beautiful Life

Beautiful Life

Kleo's new single "Beautiful Life" is an energetic love anthem to life and those we love. It's about believing the world is a beautiful place — where you can lie down in the grass, gaze at the stars and dream.

"Beautiful Life" reinterprets the famous message of seizing the day. Because the song is about embracing life and showering yourself in that euphoric feeling of falling in love. It's an invitation to believe in the world as something beautiful, and that you have the ability to bring love to those around you, even when it seems impossible:

"For me, it's about being open and holding on to the feeling of happiness I feel in the present moment. For example, the feeling I get when I meditate, or when I'm completely head over heels in love with someone. I woke up one morning and thought: This is the canvas - it's the backdrop for life itself. And not days of clouds and hurricanes. If I can wake up in the morning and feel bliss, then it must be reality itself."

"Beautiful Life" wants to inspire listeners to taste life's elixir of happiness. As Kleo sings: "Hold on there's a glitch in the matrix" and "So, fall from monday to a dreamstate". 

To this she elaborates:

"What if you just let yourself be carried away and let yourself dream? What if it's your best day ever? It's about being vulnerable and falling defenselessly into every day as if it could be the best day of your life. And never stop believing that your wishes can come true."