• Die One More Time

Die One More Time

Since releasing their first EP Cancer have been performing unreleased material live. “Die One More Time” has left audience speechless every single time it’s been performed.

“Die One More Time” is a song about the sorrow that comes with losing loved ones and how the experience stays with you forever. The chorus’ pivotal line is central to the song: “Each time I wake up/I die one more time. This is the largest abandoned factory in the world”.

As Nikolaj intensifies the line on every repetition the desperation and vulnerability inherent in the song will leave listeners moved and equally vulnerable. The enclosing guitars of Kristian Finne Kristensen, alongside the sublime bass lines and the tasteful drums emphasizes the fragility of “Die One More Time” in a brilliant way. On these new recordings Cancer have evoked a very special sonic space that brings some elements as close as possible while leaving others in the horizon - an open space that appear both minimalistic and extremely organic.