• I Love This Movie

I Love This Movie

Kleo has always been fascinated by movies and as a child she could fully immerse herself in the characters appearing on the big screen. Now she's made an EP about life's defining experiences - both the big and ecstatic and the difficult and dark. 

" Movies have helped frame my worldview and scale up my emotions - almost like a father figure, as we know it in a religious sense. Movies have reached me in my darkest moments and gave me hope even when I was doubtful."

For Kleo, all music is perceived in images - both her own and those of others. Kleo's music is conceived on the piano and by recording memos when inspiration strikes. With her fragile, yet powerful and big voice, Kleo writes songs that crystalize her love for big pop melodies and rock dressed in dreamy guitar landscapes. The lyrics interpret and echo the naïve and existential stories of sensitive youth framing Kleo's message: to embrace life in free fall and believe in your own happiness.

"Just like in dreams, with my music I can stretch and bend the colors as I want. I can create my own universe. Because I'm the one in charge of the pen," she explains. 

"All the emotions we experience in our lives are part of a larger, coherent narrative," Kleo explains. And in that way, each song also represents a scene in life that Kleo shares here with us.

"Lucid" is what Kleo calls a "heart song" for the dreamer, and for the aesthete who has big thoughts about life, thoughts that can run wild, and who finds a comfort and a healing power in the silence.  

On "Miss You", Kleo's velvety, honest and vulnerable vocals sing of longing and of the memories that haunt you like a movie on your retina, with the message of turning darkness into light and bringing beauty back into your life - even when it seems impossible. In essence, a declaration of love for hope and the healing power of time.

"Broken Hallelujah" is an anthem to the great heartache and to "the one who got away". It's a grand pop song that builds from a lilting and melancholic melody - to finally end in an explosive embrace with Kleo's yearning voice.

"Beautiful Life" is the energetic love anthem to life and to those we love. About believing that the world is a beautiful place where you can lie down in the grass, look at the stars and dream. "Beautiful Life" is Kleo's melodic nod to the great musical voices of the 60s, when love transcended all.

On I Love This Movie, Kleo sings about both the bright and dark sides of life, but as she says: "I believe that happiness is the backdrop of life and that love is present all the time - even in the dark - the question is can we see it?"