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August Rosenbaum


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Following the release of August Rosenbaum’s critically acclaimed album Vista (November 2017) the pianist and composer is back with a new EP entitled Rasa. The EP consists of 6 pieces for solo piano that laid the foundation for the music on Vista. The upcoming EP Rasa, consists of 5 songs from Vista arranged for solo piano plus the new song “Milo”. 

August elaborates:  

“The piano is my starting point for everything when I make music, it has been my natural expression since I started playing at 6 years old, and it is how I hear, feel and create harmonies, chords and melodies. When making Vista with Robin (Hannibal), it became a dogma that underneath all the layers of detail, production and arrangement, there had to be a strong “core”, a composition that could carry the emotion and intent when scraped down to only being played on the piano.