• The Moon

The Moon

A Graceland-esque folk-pop gem where the electric guitar and the percussion are the centerpieces alongside Kallesøe’s singing about the illuminated world.

“The Moon” is an homage to the moon. Bastian Kallesøe elaborates: 

“I’ve always been obsessed with the moon, and I’ve written countless songs to it and about it. However, this is the first to get on an album. Most of what we think we know about the moon is a lie. Man has never walked on the moon and will never do so. The moon is as far away as the most distant of stars, and we are doomed to admire it from afar while imagining that it's close. In addition, moonlight is not a reflection of the sun's light - the light actually comes from a source in the moon’s core.”

"I've always thought that the struggle between the moon and the sun is a kind of ancient battle taking place everywhere. The sun is daytime, work and life (productiveness). The moon is nightime, stagnation and death (nothingness). The sun illuminates the visible, the moon induces the invisible. The light of the sun uncovers the world, the moon's light shrouds it. Many cultures have been enormously fascinated by the moon and it’s a common story that people became crazy if they gazed upon the moon for too long (the word 'lunatic' says it all). The moon has always been alluring and mysterious, and at the same time dangerous as if it could swallow you up. Today, we no longer believe it is dangerous - because we are sure that we as humans have it under control - and so we do not really look at it anymore. This is the most dangerous thing we can do. We have to look at the moon!"