IRAH, photo by Marie Brinkmann

IRAH is a Copenhagen-based trio consisting of Stine Grøn (vocals), Adi Zukanovic (synth) and Matias Wolf Andreasen (drums). 

IRAH makes a particular brand of alternative pop inspired by everything from traditional ceremonial music to modern melodic songwriting. The three members find creative power in their spiritual awareness and their music have a truly unique ability to both create feelings of unity with the audience as well as a sense of being part of something bigger. 

Stine Grøn’s beautiful vocals are always the focus but it’s the magical and intuitive interaction between the three that creates their intense rich sound.




IRAH - Fast Travelling

Fast Travelling

IRAH – Mirroring (live at Sauna)

Mirroring (live at Sauna)

IRAH - Into Dimensions (live)

Into Dimensions


IRAH - photo by Jonas Fogh
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