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Destructive Love on "Splendour", Out Now!

Today, Communions are making their Tambourhinoceros debut with "Splendour", a song about sickly, destructive love.

Communions - Splendour

The intro throws us straight back into Communions' world of in-your-face guitar, bass and drums, but this time with a twist. "The guitar was recorded through a vocoder" says lead singer/guitarist Martin Rehof. He continues on the new song's meaning:

"It’s about the oppressive power that certain things in life can have over you. For instance, making art is something I love, but not something I feel I can help, and often it can be quite painful and fruitless. It’s like this thing, whatever it is, has chosen you, and not the other way around. It might inflict you with pain, but you almost come to enjoy it; you sort of accept it, embrace it, and maybe even thrive on it. It’s the context of someone addicted to someone or something else — where the power dynamics are skewed.”

Be sure to find "Splendour" online here, and extend a warm welcome to the Tambourhinoceros family.