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Intet Altid, Photo by Abdellah Ihadian by Abdellah Ihadian

INTET ALTID - 10 Year Anniversary 'Artist Picks' Playlist Update

Aug 13, 2020
NTET ALTID has put together this playlist of their favorite music from Tambourhinoceros' first 10 years of life. It's a thing of beauty.

Listen and celebrate with us and follow the playlist for more artist picks coming up!

  • CTM - Escorted / The Road

  • Chorus Grant - O Everyone

  • Kirsten & Marie - My Dear

  • IRAH - Above My Knees

  • Cancer - Tak for nu

  • August Rosenbaum - Credo, Pt. 2

  • Skammens Vogn - Mystiker

  • School of X - I'll Never Be Ready to Die

  • Molina - Hey Kids

  • The New Spring - The Moon

  • EXEC - A Thing of Lights

(And definitely check out their album from last year too)

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