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Six Years of Cancer

After the release of Chorus Grant’s third record Vernacular Music and When Saints Go Machine’s fourth, SO DEEP, today marks the six year anniversary of the collaboration between their two lead singers.

Kristian Finne Kristensen and Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild found common ground for their debut EP Ragazzi in the themes of their alias’s affliction - Cancer.

“I started thinking about this vacuum that occurs when someone is ill, or someone dies, where everyone is able to speak and people are so open. There’s also a lot of beauty in all of this”

says Vonsild of the project’s underlying thesis.

In turn, Ragazzi is the duo’s attempt to grapple with loss and chaos. Beginning with melancholy, the duo ventures into varying planes of discomfort, grace, and beauty.

Listening back, we can’t help but feel like the duo were ahead of their time. The EP’s experimental art-pop - for need of a better genre delineation - shows brave production, explorative songwriting, and lyricism which seems to grasp for the farthest reaches of abstract, subconscious inspiration, reminiscent of the collaboration between Justin Vernon and Aaron Desner in Big Red Machine.

Something like that. Listen to the beautiful, artistic, and singular Ragazzi here.

Cancer - Age of Pinballs




Cancer - Body On The Bones (Live Recording From Psykisk Center Spring 2014)