You don't want to manually search through YouTube to find all the Tambourhinoceros-related gems out there, right? Didn't think so.

We've gathered and organized all music videos by our artists for you right here.


Time Machine

“'Time Machine' is about wanting to travel back to when your parents were at the peak of their youth. A place in time where we're all the same age, share the same thoughts, worries and dreams.” - Carl Coleman


The second single and music video “Schoolgirls” from Rangleklods' album Straitjacket (out May 18, 2015).

Say Enough

from the album Racy, out in Scandinavia & Iceland on Sep 29, 2014
Directed and Animated by Johnny Woods
Character design and modeling by Theresa Latzko
Edited by Alex Tyson


Music video for Hooray For Earth's single "Keys".

Godplans / Taxi Off the Password

This video is directed by Jakob Steen and recorded in Puerto Rico

"Godplans" and "Taxi Off the Password" are tracks from the Chorus Grant album Space.

Somewhere in the Future

"Somewhere in the Future" is an impressive piece of work that takes Treefight For Sunlight’s insanely catchy pop melodies and explosive rhythmics to even greater heights.

Come Closer

The video for the first single of Treefight For Sunlight's 2nd album. It's made by singer and guitarist Morten Winther Nielsen - and it's worth at least 5x5 minutes of your time - which means you can watch it 5.5 times. Enjoy.

O Everyone

"O Everyone" is the first single from Chorus Grant's first record on TAMBOURHINOCEROS.

Directed by Jakob Steen (