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Tambourhinoceros arises were you end and everything begins. We are here to embrace those moments that everyone tends to forget; to recreate feelings of unity and belonging. We are here to welcome you into an eternal stream of underwater bliss and sincere gratitude: a musical mending of the soul.

Our label releases of artists we know and love. There isn’t a definite musical profile as such, except from artistic necessity and human honesty. Simple.

The music is our main concern. In every possible way. The music is our fountain of ecstasy. There is really no need to hold back.

What is Tambourhinoceros?

An independent music company evolving around it’s core function as a record label. We dedicate our time, devotion and ambition to determining and fulfilling the needs of each release while continuously nurturing a collective of diverse, yet like-minded, artists. 

We're also doing management and publishing for many of our artists and we offer PR services in both Denmark (read more here) and in the all of Scandinavia through the PR collective Nordic Waves.


It began in late 2009 as a concept designed by Aske Zidore & Kristoffer Rom of Oh No Ono and by April 2010 the first release was out. In the first year in business Tambourhinoceros introduced no less than six new acts to a starving music scene, among those were Iceage and Treefight For Sunlight. In late 2010 Danish music magazine Gaffa awarded Kristoffer & Aske an award for their extraordinary efforts on the Danish music scene.

Like most music industry startups Tambourhinoceros has always relied heavily on voluntary work from a closely knit group of music enthusiasts. In 2011 one of those volunteers, Tue Kjerstein, became a partner and joined Aske & Kristoffer in the long term strategic planning. In 2011 Tambourhinoceros released niché-classics like New Brigade by Iceage, Gate 5 by Thulebasen as well as the Danish children’s book Grønflammeskoven, which features acts like Mew, Junior Senior, When Saints Go Machine and many more.

In 2012 The New Spring’s Secret Armor was among the most critically acclaimed releases in Denmark (and shortlisted for The Nordic Music Prize), Thulebasen joined forces with brilliant acts like Eric Copeland of Black Dice, Lucky Dragons and Gala Drop on their EP Forever Grinning and Cæcilie Trier made her debut as a solo act under the name of CTM and created substantial amounts of international online buzz with the single “Jewel”. In 2012 we also did our part in reviving the cassette tape as a viable and justified music format by releasing no less than 8 tape-based releases in just 10 months.

We also released a new version of Tambourhinoceros.net and introduced The Tambourhinoceros Shop - an online record store specializing in alternative, experimental & independent music on vinyl, tape, download and CD.

2012 was also the year we founded Tambourhinoceros Publishing - an initiative to bring music publishing back to what it always should’ve been about in the first place; a true, honest, lucid, dedicated and career-changing working effort delivered by the publisher for the artist - not the other way around. No dodgyness. No conflict of interest. Just music publishing interests governed professionally, relentlessly and independently.

We kicked of 2013 by putting out CTM’s EP across most of Europe. In August we released a genre-defying album by PRE-Be-UN (project of Oh No Ono / Choir of Young Believers pianist Nicolai Koch). We just launched the campaign for 4 Guys From The Future’s upcoming 2nd album by releasing two singles and music videos. In early 2013 we also joined Drip.fm as the first Scandinavian label ever, Drip.fm is an exclusive subscription service built and curated by Ghostly International. There are just 31 labels on the platform, thereamongst Secretly Canadian, Domino, Dead Oceans, Stones Throw, Mad Decent, Polyvinyl, Ninja Tune etc.

Demo policy

If you want to send us demos, please go ahead. We like to hear new sounds. Especially, if they are truly new.

We promise to give everything we receive a fair chance; however, we cannot promise a response! You shouldn’t place much importance on our opinions anyway; our opinion of your music shouldn’t matter nearly as much as your own. If we like something enough to release it, you’ll definitely hear back from us.

Please submit to info@tambourhinoceros.net We ONLY accept streaming links (Soundcloud for instance). So please do not email mp3, wav, dropbox-invitation etc. Thanks for understanding.  


Worldwide (digital) 

Scandinavia (physical)

Germany, Austria & Switzerland (physical)

France (physical)

Benelux, Japan & Italy (physical

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