Find every album, ep, single, remix, compilation etc. ever released by Danish record label Tambourhinoceros. Despite our relatively short lifespan there's a massive collection of alternative and experimental independent music to be found. 

The discography is ordered chronologically.


Live in Space

Chorus Grant - Live in Concert

Chorus Grant have won the hearts of many through both an astounding album and through many great performances by the 5-man band throughout 2014.

lost u

Rangleklods - lost u - cover art by Stefan Björklund

Electronic duo Rangleklods (Esben Nørskov Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen) are back with new music from their forthcoming album.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Chorus Grant - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

A live-recording of Chorus Grant's version of the classic Christmas tune.

Den Europæiske Spejlbue

Frisk Frugt - Den Europæiske Spejlbue - artwork

Anders Lauge Meldgaard’s previous album Burkina Faso i det himmelblå rum hvor solen bor, suite (2010) was a record that made his name as one of the Danish champions of experimental music.

Solhyldest 1. del

Solhyldest 1. del by Frisk Frugt

The first single from Frisk Frugt's album Den Europæiske Spejlbue

Body on the Bones

Cancer - Body on the Bones

The second single from the mini-abum Ragazzi by Cancer. Cancer is a duo consisting of When Saints Go Machine lead singer and producer Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild and Chorus Grant lead singer and guitarist Kris

Late Bloomer

The New Spring - Late Bloomer
Late Bloomer is the 3rd album by Danish folk act The New Spring. The album was recorded in only two days. Jens Ramon (Figurines) engineered and mixed the album.

Song for Ana Mendieta

Song for Ana Mendieta - The New Spring

"Song for Ana Mendieta" is the 2nd single from The New Spring's third album Late Bloomer


Keys / 128 by Hooray For Earth

"Keys" is the first single from Hooray For Earth sophomore album Racy

The 7" b-side features the track "128" (not on the album). It's released digitally on August 18.


Hooray For Earth

Racy is US-based Hooray For Earth's sophomore album. We have the honour of being the label in Scandinavia & Iceland.