New album Sukaley! by Skammens vogn out now!

Skammens vogn - Sukaley - digital packshot

New album Sukaley! by Skammens vogn was released on March 3rd - and you should check it out.

Following the release of the album's first single "Forelsket" as well as music video for "Du er det hele", the full-lenght album completes the many stories of love on Sukaley!.

Leadsinger and lyricist Nikolaj Zeuthen elaborates:

"The theme is love. Love as the thing that can unite two people, but perhaps even more love as a spiritual and religious concept. Love as the being, a power that is at the same time redeeming and destructive but unites everything. This record is as the three previous records a product of three friends' tireless seeking for peace of mind" - Nikolaj Zeuthen.

The album unites 10 songs that the band has worked on for many years. Building on Danish music critics great reception of the singles, Sukaley! has hit the top 10 on the Danish vinyl chart and fine words of praise has been said about the release: 

“Skammens vogn's music ought to be prescribed for people in a life crisis so they can laugh, cry and sing their way through it.” - Politiken ★★★★

Get it on vinyl and digitally here

Watch music video of single "Du er det hele" 


Skammens vogn - Sukaley - digital packshot
Skammens vogn


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