Birthgiving Toad

Birthgiving Toad, photo by Stefan Björklund

Birthgiving Toad is guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Lasse Bækby Buch's main project. People on the internet have described Lasse's music as "Mutant no-wave funk", "Larm", "A sweaty, funky and a bit lofi version of math rock", "very offbeat and complex pop-prog" and "Fuzzed-up prog metal-fusion-jazz-funk".

Well, as you can hear, describing Birthgiving Toad's music is not an easy task. What we fell in love with is (among lots of other things) Lasse's ability to compose and play extremely complex music and at the same time make it sound so organic and playful. It is a universe of Zappaesque virtousity, an intensity competing with Tony Williams' Lifetime trio and a maximalist output giving even the most incarnated Captain Beefheart fans something to listen to. In short, Birthgiving Toad is a brand new rising star on the experimental music scene.  


Birthgiving Toad, Served in its Juices - digital packshot
Birthgiving Toad
Served in its Juices
Birthgiving Toad, Flowers - digital packshot
Birthgiving Toad
Birthgiving Toad, For Awkward Company - digital packshot
Birthgiving Toad
For Awkward Company
Birthgiving Toad, As Fruit Hat - digital packshot
Birthgiving Toad
As Fruit Hat


Birthgiving Toad, photo by Stefan Björklund
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Birthgiving Toad, Served in its Juices - vinyl packshot
New vinyl release: Birthgiving Toad - Served in its Juices
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