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Revisiting Secret Armor

5 years have passed since the release of this marvelous piece of work. Makes today a great day to rediscover the beauties on this album.

Secret Armor is the second full-length album by The New Spring and was recorded in just a few days. All of the songs on the album are live recordings and played in one take in the studio:

”I like the idea of recording the songs in one take. I wanted the recorded songs to be as close as possible to the experience I had when I wrote the songs at home. Or when I played them in front of an audience for the first time. On top of this, we have worked a lot with the production to supplement the straightforwardness of the guitar and the vocals. I wanted to move my songs into a room full of effects, which is what I think has been done on Secret Armor.” - Bastian Kallesøe

Listen to Secret Armor here.

Watch video of the creation of the album here