August Rosenbaum - Nomad (solo piano) (Video) | TAMBOURHINOCEROS

Nomad (solo piano)

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Director and dp: Jasper J. Spanning

Produced by New land

Producer: Camilla Søholt

Executive producer: Thor B. Jacobsen

Editor: Carla Luffe

Colourist: Hannibal Lang

Sound Design: Philip Flint 

1st assistant camera: Frederik Haslund

Gaffer: Andreas Kragh-Jacobsen

Stylist: Rebecca Sophia Morris

Cast: Luna Schulze

Thanks to FX Team ApS, Tina Robinson, Ea Verdoner, Anna Carli Holmgren, Focus Film, Nordisk Film og Kodak Film. 

This video was made in collaboration with Prxjects, a culture laboratory initiated by Mercedes-Benz. See more at

Artistic Direction: Emil Wilk, Good News